i could use some reassurance

i dont really have a defined question here
i used online armor free for a few weeks, then i began to have all kinds of problems, couldnt print, couldnt reinstall printer, spooler subsystem wouldnt run, system restore wouldnt restore, registry would not restore from backup, ended up formatting reinstalling XP
i am not certain it was OA but it was the most likely culprit.

[glow=red,2,300]i would like someone to tell me that comodo is much less likely to change (mess up) my system than OA

I have most of those same problems except I can still restore the registry so Im curious about this topic.

I uninstalled a lexmark printer and began having problems with printing/spooler but I do not know when the restore option went to ■■■■ since I rarely use it. I just now noticed it was bad (it would go through all the motions, but tell me it failed to restore after rebooting). I really hope its not comodo, I never even considered it until now…

If you block the wrong actions, yes CIS can restrict many applications from running.

However, I haven’t encountered any of the problems you mention.


in my search for a solution i found that lexmark was almost always the problem
it installs some kind of notorious problem which is difficult to fix
i dont recall the best advice but i think i found a]some good articles when i googled “spooler subsystem”

try system restore in safe mode, worked for me.

a microsoft article said the firsr thing to do when having this type of problem is to thoroughly remove all lexmark programs.

its lexmark not comodo

Using CIS is not very difficult, but if you do not know what you are doing CIS is able to mess up your system. When I started to use Comodo Firewall( since ver 2.3) I did not have any problems. When Defence + was added I had(and still have :slight_smile: )to be a little more careful.

Putting CIS in “clean PC mode” directly after the installation will mean no risk of ■■■■■ up anything already there…

Clean PC is the way to go for minimal risk to ■■■■■ up :smiley: :slight_smile: After a while however it might not be the optimal…

Also If you by accident block something then you can easily change it back… by going:

D+ > advanced > Computer security policy…
And try to find the program “not working”. and set it to “windows system application”… =)

EDIT:: if you really ■■■■■ up then DISABLING D+ and asking for help in the forum will probably solve any problem… =)

thank you everyone
ive already decided to permanenty disable d+
i have become paranoid recently
thank you

Hmm… permanenty disable d+? :o :slight_smile: Why?

D+ is CIS strongest part against malwares… =P It catches EVERYTHING… Literary. =O
I think having it on is a good Idea even if its anoying from time to time…
Leave it on “training mode” a couple of days… And then switch to maby safe mode… And you will have a good prevention layer after that. with little popups. =) Also without D+ I think BufferOverflow Protection gets lost… =/

EDIT:: Never mind…

Saw your other post… =)

because i just recovered from a 2 week torture finally requiring format reinstall xp, probly because of online armor program guard which seems to be very similar to defense+
i have nav2009, thats good enough for me

“Also without D+ I think BufferOverflow Protection gets lost…”
im sorry would you mind elaborating on that a little. i have no idea what that means but it doesnt sound too good. thanks

Buffer Overflow attacks make up for a huge number of malware attacks/drive-by exploits, and CIS is one of only a few products that protects against it. Only with Defense+ installed though :wink:

I would HIGHLY recommend enabling D+, but make a backup image beforehand, in case something goes wrong.

Beanie :slight_smile:

ehm, not to spoil the party here. but why must you choose between OA & CIS then?
i use CIS full on my office comp & PCtools firewall FREE on my home comp.
well ofcourse PCtools fw is not anywhere near CIS on level of resource usage & security, but it surely is better than having CIS with defense+ disabled 88)

He’s not choosing between them. He’s going to try CIS because OA locked up his system…