I could delete a file protected by Defense+

Yesterday I added a folder to the My Protected Files feature of Defense+. It alerts me when I open it and all, but it fails to protect from deletion?

That means that even having a file protected by Defense+, anyone can still delete it. Shouldn’t Defense+ block any attempt to delete a protected file? I believe it should…

Isnt that why Comodo has a password.

I have CFP password protected.

No D+ Alerts?

Not even one alert.

Defense+ only alerts when I open any file that is protected by it. Lets suppose I open a protected word document, then Defense+ alerts me.

But if I delete the file or any other that is protected, Defense+ shows no alert.

Do you use explorer.exe to delete those files ?
I believe it has by default highest access rights so it won’t be blocked unless default policy would be changed.
Btw, CFP isn’t designed to protect files from you or other users of your computer, it’s designed to protect your files from malware. If you need to keep some private files safe, then you should use a proper software for that purpose, like some encyption tools or ‘file locking’ tools.

Edit: If you modify the default policy for explorer.exe and add a blocking rule for the desired file then it will work as supposed to. But still I think it would be safer to use designed software for that purpose.

Yes, but then “My Protected Files” shouldn’t say “Defense+ allows users to protect the specific files and folders specified in this section against unauthorized modification.”

Meaning that anyone who wants to open it, still can and still can modify it. I believe that’s why there is a password feature in CFP. To prevent things such as those.

So, what’s the purpose of “My Protected Files” if it does not protect at all (when having a password set).

I also believe it should had nothing to do with using explorer.exe to delete any protected file. It should protect in all ways.

I do not use this feature to protect my files. I just wanted to try this feature (have this firewall for a long time and never used it :a0 ).

Bottom line: This is what I think. It we put a file or folder to be protected by Defense+ and we have a password set, then it should protect, no matter what.

Maybe something to have in consideration in a near future.

Yep is what they did ;D

I cannot give specific details but a forum search would be enough for anyone willing to go that far.
Early CFP version had that “feature” however this behaviour was removed after iterated complaints from many CFP user about explorer.exe noisiness.

This is the same reason My panding list has been resticted to CleanPC mode.

As many member already said Explorer.exe is a trusted application but attepting the same thing from command prompt triggers CFP alerts.

Besides windows has private folder features