I can't update virus database

After I replaced scanners it always say

Failed to update the virus signature database. Please check your internet connection and try again later
But my internet connection works and comodo configured as "outgoing only" (as default). Tell me, please, how can I correct it?

Hello Scary Bear,

Can you expand a bit on the “After I replaced scanners” what did you replace with what ?

How’s your network setup, are you behind a hardware firewall ? do you need a proxy to browse the internet ?

Could there perhaps a proxy being configured where it should not, can you please check Misc, Settings, Proxy tab to see if there is anything configured there ?

Good afternoon,
I forgot to tell you about what did I replace with what. I installed CIS 3.9 and replaced content of “scanners” folder with updated (1472) content of the same folder (I installed the second OS Windows XP on my computer). There is no hardware firewall, I need not a proxy. I dont use a proxy server (Misc, Settings, Proxy tab).

Okay so you copied files from System1 \Comodo Internet Security\Scanners* to System2 \Comodo Internet Security\Scanners* ?

System1 seems to be the Windows XP system ?

  • Is that a 32 of 64 bit version, and what service pack is it running ?

What is System2 running ?

Yes I did it. It is the same systems (Windows XP) with the same udpate packs installed (SP2.1+ ~100 manually installed KB…)

Then it’s time to see what the network traffic can tell us

Can you please download SmartSniff and see what happens during download ?

Start the application, press F9 and select your network adapter.

And then press the green arrow to start the capture, now update the CIS AV and press the red square to stop the capture.

Please make sure you also close all other applications that cause network traffic so it does not interfere with the capture traffic.

Now you can save the capture and post it, or post screen shots here so we can see what happens.

I saw what happens during download by means of CIS: I changed settings for comodo (cmdagent) to log its outgoing requests. Result: nothing, it does not any requests. Smart sniff tells the same thing. When I push “Update virus database” button it does not lead to any requests. I think I will try to reinstall CIS

Its ok buddies. :-TU Another stooopid mistake

Wait 3.10 comes out tommorrow, try a clean istall of 3.10.

Care to share what happend :wink:

:smiley: Actually, I don’t know what was the problem. Now, I use proxy for updating. For some unknown reasons It is impossible to update CIS without proxy.