i can't update my anti-spyware program online (application access denied)

i had no problem updating my anti-spyware (spyware terminator) online before. Now that i installed comodo firewall, this problem started. At first it looks ok, downloading the updates. But after downloading is complete, it just stops (it did not install it). I asked the program’s contact support and they said i have to check my firewall coz it may be blocking the update process. I already placed spyware terminator under trusted applications, but nothing happened.
Also i noticed in the activity log, it says:
“application access denied (spyware terminator.exe:...: :dns(53))".
and another:
"applcation access denied(spyware terminator.exe:
...: :http(80))”.
any suggestions?

Try editing any rules in your application monitor for spyware terminator files - tick the boxes for ‘allow invisible connection attempts’ and ‘skip advanced security checks’ (both on the Miscellaneous tab). This might fix it.


hi n.t.t.w., i tried your suggestion. still the same though. maybe it’s a spyware terminator issue. i’ll try looking at the spyware settings or maybe uninstall comodo temporarily to see if it there’s a problem at the spyware update site. but if you have more suggestions, I’d appreciate it.

my mistake! your suggestion did fix it! i wasn’t able to notice it until now, sorry. i checked my anti-spyware and it’s up-to-date already! thanks a lot! you guys are good! (:CLP)