I can't uninstall the Anti-Spam

I am having issues with uninstalling the antispam. Have already done msconfig and services options given. Also have gone into safemode and tried there but it tells me that my installer is not working properly when I choose it, but I can uninstall and reinstall any other program so that can’t be it. Any one know how I can edit my registry to be rid of this because it is not compatible with Vista and it is causing issues with my system.

If you have never edited regedit & are not sure. Download Eusing reg cleaner. Also look in Comodo file in Programmes & delete if comodo antispam is there.

Also CCleaner is a good programme & you can delete comodo antispam service from there


If you are having problems removing AntiSpam and wish to stop it monitoring network traffic, as a last resort you can reset your networking. Warning this will also affect other network monitoring applications such as AV and they will probably need to be reinstalled.

For information please see the following link about using the “netsh winsock reset” command. Please take special note of warnings given on this support page.

The netsh winsock reset command will stop the CAS network monitor from being loaded.

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I have tried all that and even edited my registy only to prevent my laptop from connecting to the network.

Ran ■■■■ Cleaner and was able to complete the entire uninstall of antispam.

A) would be nice for a warning that this product does not work
B) would be nice for a warning it is not VISTA compatible
C) would be nice for a warning that it will not function with AVG
D) would be nice to have a list of un-compatible EMAIL programs IE (Thunder bird)

I have about 10 email addresses that are the same exact ones because antispam wont work with the ones i entered so after the 10th try I tried to uninstall. That failed. After that time I started to get a setup option to re install antispam (which I am done with and do not want).

■■■■ Cleaner removed it where the program uninstaller in control panel would not and the companies uninstaller link also fails to even try to start to remove it.

Lets see if it stays gone after a reboot or is this software MALWARE.

To bad the company does not have a ripper to remove this program and repair the registry changes that are made. That is why I lost network connectivity with a manual removal of anything that said it was antispam from comodo.

Well I was right my Laptop did not survive the reboot the MALWARE is still creating issues.

I rebooted an LOST all connectivity thru the WIFI, LAN, and Cellular card network connections.

Restored to before removing antispam MALWARE and I am able to connect.

OK boys lets make a tool like those commercial vendors have to remove a program when the uninstaller fails to work.

Now this tool will also FIX the holes back to before the program was installed.

If you have issues call Norton they make good ones to remove their older Anti Virus programs and other tools they also work!

The malware tool looks like it works and the Vengine seems to be ok the backup tool I have not used yet but looks like it works. The firewall KILLS networking and fails to even load. I think Zone Alarm will fire wall loads and does not crash on INSTALL.

I think I will wait for the betas of the above to get into production lots of bugs found.

Email me the repair tool please.


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