I cant Uninstall CIS

Hello Guys, i need to uninstall CIS Premiun, and i cant, already run a clean tool, but doesnt work, an help?

Computer whit XP and SP3 ???

Which version of CIS are you using?

Version 5.0.163652.1142

You say you can’t uninstall, but we need more information.

What exactly is happening? Any error messages? Etc…

wow u need more info!

no error messages.

first i try to uninstall CIS, but CIS dont want to do it, so now i try to uninstall CIS again but this time CIS doesnt appear in the uninstall programs window of Windows! so i cant uninstall CIS

I already run the clean tool of comodo 88)

Renstall & try to uninstall again. When you will try to reinstall, CIS installer will detect existing CIS install & will give you an option to uninstall.

Hope this will work. Once in my case it worked though it was a much older version.


i cant do that, because comodo is not in the list of the Unistall or change programs window.

Hello Comodo!!
Any help?

Disable and close Comodo services using standard Windows services and/or autoruns under administrative account.

Next wipe every Comodo key using standard registry editor and/or a dedicated tool (e.g. Regseeker).

Last delete every Comodo folder and its driver files, whose location is specified by autoruns if you don’t find it manually.

i dont know how to do that, dont u have a simple way to do it?

Try running the clean up tool in Windows Safe Mode.

What is the problem you are facing after you ran the clean up tool? Are you trying to install CIS again and it then tells you cannot install it because it is already installed?

my problem is after i run the clean tool, comodo is not out of the computer, and i want comodo out.

How do you notice this?

forget it
i did a system restore.

then i could get comodo out of the computer

Glad you fixed it. Sometimes system restore is our friend.:slight_smile: