I can't tell if sync mode is working

I set up a sync job and I thought it would do a full backup on seeing that my destination had nothing in it (brand new formatted drive), it didn’t, I even right clicked on the backup and hit run backup. so I set it to simple copy and ran on comodo shutdown, that worked. I changed it to sync mode again and either it doesn’t change the destination untill the next change or it just happens whenever.I have changed file contents added and deleted files from the source I’m wondering, does it add and delete files to the detination and when does it start synch? the time option is set for 30s but I thought I should see some activity.



I have read your post but I’m snowed under at the moment at work. I’ll look into it as soon as I get some spare time. In the interim, I’ll see if anyone else has got any ideas.

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I thought I would do some testing to see what happens here.

  1. Set up sync job to synchronize {test1} to {test results} Both were identical with two folders {test} and {unzipped} in each with various file types in each folder.

  2. Set sync to 15 seconds.

  3. Altered 1 file in each of the 2 folders in {test 1}

  4. Results were two new folders in {test results} named {test} and {unzipped} in addition to the original folders.

  5. Altered 1 file in each of the 2 new folders in {test results} resulting in no change in {test 1} folder

  6. Conclusion: Sync mode is not that effective.

Test 1 original - altered for first test -Source
Test unchanged in second test
Unzipped unchanged in second test
Test Results original - unchanged in both tests -Destination
Test unchanged in first test
Unzipped unchanged in first test
Test 1 folder added in first test
Test altered for second test
Unzipped altered for second test

Sync job with nothing in the destination folder did nothing.
Will not sync source with destination but will sync destination with source, keeping the originals in destination and adding new folders


I had to run a simple copy and put something in the destination, so not copying when there is nothing in the source is confirmed. It still took a long time to run the sync set for 20 sec. and did not copy anything new I created in the source to the destination.
Thanks JJasper.
any more ideas or help would be appreciated.


I’ve been trying to get synchronizing mode working myself. I can confirm everything that’s been written so far… with respect to how files are created on the destination drive. More importantly, I can also confirm that files are NOT automatically deleted on the destination once deleted on the source. This synchronizing mode appears to be more of an ‘immediate’ backup than a mirror.

If I have this wrong, please advise…


Rob Donald

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Yes, sync mode is an immediate backup and not a mirror. Here is what the help files say about it.

Synchronization mode

Synchronization mode enable real time back ups of a specified folder. In other words, as soon as you or someone on the network saves a file, a copy will be made in your chosen backup folder. This mode provides an up-to-date backup at any given time.In synchronization mode, you can customize the following options.

First of all you should specify how much time should pass before copying.

We do not recommend to select the time less than 10 seconds. It can increase the size of a log file if you change the file too often and may cause a deterioration in system performance if lots of users are making frequent changes to many files. If you want Comodo BackUp to write the log as a common backup, check the “Write synchronization event to log” box. If you do not check it, Comodo BackUp will write the beginning and the ending of synchronization into the log.

If you have chosen synchronization mode, Comodo BackUp will start synchronization of folders right after creation of a backup (if “Active backup” is on).