I can't stress this enough for Computer Security...


ANTIVIRUS is no longer a protection! Especially when it comes to Comodo Internet Security. I don’t know about other Vendors, most probably they use DETECTION/ANTIVIRUS as their first line of defense which is wrong. AV is now used for Usability purposes. AV does not detect everything. New malware produces, AV needs to play the catch up game.

This is one reason why I dropped AV all together and just use Comodo Firewall, Defense+ (HIPS) And Sandbox. A Whitelisting approach only allowing good applications to come through. Blacklisting, for me, is just a waste of CPU, RAM, Resources and Time (Is this a FP??) etc. But for average users… YOU need to have AV as SECOND line of defense for usability… then PREVENTION first.

Pls share the word we need to start educating users now! Not just here… Tell family, friends, people you work with, your soccer buddies… Get it out… Because AV is losing the war and NUMBER of infections a year is rising because AV did not DETECT!!


Thank you Tooby!

You are 100% spot on.

legacy Anti virus products are like “Detergent” it can clean some of the dirt on your pants for example… but it can never keep your pants clean!

1)to keep a clean computer clean (no legacy Anti virus products can achieve this, only CIS today)
2)to clean an infected computer (Legacy Anti virus products “might” be able to clean if they know the malware)

So, again, knowing the above 2 points why would anyone use legacy Anti Virus thinking they will be protected is beyond me.


thanks tooby

the idea makes perfect sense

what sandbox do you recommend

I think he was talking about the Comodo sandbox.

I can’t stress this enough - USE YOUR BRAINS! And you won’t get infected.

People should learn how to use and protect their computers the same way they learn how to drive a car or shoot a gun.

Common sense may help quite a bit but last time I checked humans were still falible

People should learn how to use and protect their computers the same way they learn how to drive a car or shoot a gun.
People and guns? You sure about that comparison?;)

Totally agree with that. It never ceases to amaze me that so many people simply install some security product and without ever bothering to find out how it works. They simply expect it to do everything for them, with complete trust and total ignorance.