I cant start any program after I installed comodo

I installed COMODO, I restarted my PC, but now I cant start any program, not even the msn!!

I had to uninstall COMODO to write this mail! :frowning:

What I can do?
I heared that this firewall is very good aso I want to try it.

Pleaseee help mee

and forgive my terrible english =)

I am very sorry to hear this. The problem is of course that I need more information to try to figure out what may be causing this. I guess you a system file.

Are you willing to install CIS again and give it another try? When the same thing happens again can you post a screenshot of Defense + events? They can be found under Defense+ → Common Tasks.

To not have to uninstall CIS again when you want to post a reply here disable D+. Go to Defense+ → Advanced → Defense+ settings → now tick “Deactivate Defense+ completely (requires a restart)” and reboot.

Keep us posted.

I followed your instructions, I send you the screenshots.

Apparently there re not any event.

ah! and that you can see when I try to open de “cuestionario.xls” file an error message appears.

Thanks !.. I hope that the problem can be solved :slight_smile:

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Can you browse through the Computer Security Policy and see if there are any files blocked. If so delete those rules and try again. It sounds like explorer.exe may be blocked.

In the case explorer.exe is not blocked delete the rule anyway (Comodo will make a new rule).

When done enabled D+ and reboot as requested and let us know how things go.

Indeed it could be that %windir%\explorer.exe is set to Isolated application.

This could happen when the user launch a new unknown application( described as ‘could not be recognized’ in security considerations) and get a “Run an executable” alert with explorer.exe on the left (parent application).

In many cases it is actually explorer.exe that lauch apps (parent application) so setting Treat as “Isolated application” will actually block many applications.

In case “Remember my answer” was not checked the changes will not remain after a reboot (alerts not marked to be remembered will be enforced until the corresponding application is terminated, thus for explorer.exe the alert is enforced during the entire session) and the %windir%\explorer.exe policy will not be changed.

If “Remember my answer” was checked then %windir%\explorer.exe policy will be changed accordingly and will be enforced even after a reboot.

COMODO - Proactive Security configuration will trigger likely trigger such alerts because explorer is either set to “Trusted Application” or Custom Policy but changing %windir%\explorer.exe to “Windows System Application” (default configuration for COMODO - Firewall Security, COMODO - Antivirus Security and COMODO - Internet Security) will allow explorer to execute any application (safelisted or not) without alerts

This change will not affect applications other than explorer and thus when some other app try to launch something unknown there will be an alert (thus it will be possible to catch if some other application attempt to launch something suspicious).

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thx! its! works! =)

I deleted the rule, I uncheck “Deactivate the D+ permanently”, thn I reboot the PC…

and now… y dont hace any problem ! thx!