I cant remove cis/ quarantine file!

Approx 1 mo ago I uninstalled CIS bc it stopped displaying any firewall events. There were firewall events a plenty! The antivirus stopped auto updating. I started getting the Antivirus 2009 that stopped my internet explorer dead in the h2o; etc. So i uninst CIS and attempted to reinstall. 3 times!. Each time I was able to download the program but… before I could uninstall Comodo displayed that I needed to first uninstall the old program. I CANT. No matter what I do I cannot get rid of the CIS folder that has only quarantine in it. I have tried everything.
Oh, and I also can download but not install ANY antivirus program.
All help will be greatly appreciated.

Please try this tool

Also, I think if you log in ‘safe mode’ you may be able to delete the quarantine folder (I haven’t tried though).

Please keep it in mind that the first update of Antivirus after a clean install is huge (appx. 100 MB) where the status windows would seem to freeze at 30% for a long time giving an illusion that it has stopped responding. Give CIS sometime and the antivirus would update.

You can also make sure that your system is clean by following the recommendations of the below given post.