I can't re-install CIS v7

I have uninstalled, and run the geekbuddy tool, also did this in safe mode as well, but every time I try to re-install it sits there on trying to activate license at around 3%, tried a number of times, have tried clean up tools again, but still same issue, really would appreciate some help at this point to resolve this issue :frowning:

See Comodo Forum for info about re-installing CIS.

See https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-faq-cis/forced-uninstaller-tools-t95115.0.html for info about forced uninstall tools.

Check the hash code of your CIS download against that listed on the download page to make sure it has not been corrupted.

Thanks for all your help and suggestions, I did try all of that before starting this thread, in the end only thing that worked was to install v5.12, reboot, then use updater to update to v7, so far is working okay :slight_smile: