I can't print?? [Resolved]

I installed Comodo Firewall Pro and now I can’t print to my network printer. I am using an HP LaserJet 6P with a D-Link DP-301P+ Fast Ethernet Print Server that is connected to my home LAN. The printer works fine if I turn off Comodo Firewall Pro but the printer can’t be found when Comodo Firewall is turned on. The printer server is set to a fixed IP address of which is consistent with the IP settings of my LAN. I am using Windows XP Pro SP2. What do I need to add or change with Comodo Firewall Pro? I was using Zone Alarm which I removed I replaced it with Comodo Firewall Pro.

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Have you run the “Trusted Network Zone” wizard in the firewall? (Click on Security, and then “Define a new Trusted Nerwork”)

Maybe this thread give you some more information to solve your problem:


Thanks Bluesman. That was sure easy to fix when you know what to do. These kinds of forums are great when you need help.