I can't play some Gamehouse games....

I just got some reports on my CIS that some of my applications are sandboxed… then the game just stops working… when i look at the pending files… i found some gamehouse games then move them all to my own safe files…when i try to run again… it stops working… it never happens to me until i install this piece of s***. Please help…please… i know comodo improve so much but this is madness… >:(

On the sandbox alert there is an option to not run the program in the sandbox again. If you select this option the file will be added to your safe files list. You will no longer receive any popups for this file.

When you say the game has stopped working is there a popup? Also, if you receive a popup saying a file was sandboxed even if you add it to your safe list you have to restart the application or the file will still be sandboxed.