I can't open my other software?

Hi Mates, please help me how to unblock this software after i install the latest version of CIS ? http://nsteam.org/download.html

But if you check on the active process list the software is running :THNK

OS: Windows XP Pro SP3
CIS Version: 3.8.64263.468

Hello. :slight_smile:

What happens when you try to run the blocked program? Do you get and error message or just nothing happens? Anything in your CIS logs?
Try terminating the program in ‘View Active Process List’ and then go to each of these locations:

Firewall > Advanced >Net. Sec. Policy
Defense+ > Advanced > Comp. Sec Policy

In both, remove all entries having to do with the program. Remember to ‘Apply’. Now set D+ to ‘Training Mode’ and run the program how it normally would be run. Then set D+ back to its previous mode. :slight_smile:

when i try to open my this program nothings happen no warning at all?

My CIS setting is default.

if i can’t solve this problem maybe i will unstall the CIS and i will try the PC-Tools antivirus… while waiting for the next version of CIS i hope next version will work together with this program (NS Pro)

FYI: this program (NS Pro) is a third party gadgets for samsung mobiles.

if you notice my desktop icons most program are for cellphone gadgets.

So did you try my suggestion?

not yet i will post the result later…

Hi i try your instructions but the same problem :-[

Hey man, I wouldn’t try the pctools “solution” cause it’s pretty much junk. Yeah, it’s good with memory usage, but thats about it. it has one of the worst scores for AV DB and along with that there is nothing to prevent anything malicious from happening on your comp. If you aren’t going to use CIS then I would suggest one of the paid products like Kaspersky, Norton, or ESET.

If your software is not using internet protocol try listing it as trusted application (My safe files) under Defense+.
If your app is using internet protocol list it as safe in bith firewall and defense+.

ok i will try that instructions again… i’ll post the result later…

i can’t find this one ;D

You will need to click on either the firewall or defense+ tab. Then look in the left-hand column. Click on ‘Advanced’. Then click on ‘Network security policy’ in the firewall, or ‘Computer security policy’ in defense+. Then look for the applications you are wondering about.

I’m sorry to say that i already uninstall the CIS in my computer :-[ i follow all the instructions you gave but still not working… maybe i will wait for the next version…

thank for the reply mates…

request to close this thread by me.