I can't install properly Comodo Antivirus [Resolved]

Hi, I installed Comodo Antivirus, but an error message appears (some .dll file that Setup cannot modify). I have Windows XP service pack 2 update regularly.
I have also installed Comodo Firewall and it works very good :slight_smile:

Can someone help me please?

Hi and welcome rhetra to the forums. :slight_smile:
Are there any other messages received during install? Does setup just close after you receive this error?If possible post screenshot of error message.
What av were you using before trying cav, and did it fully uninstall? thanks tim

I also am not able to install the AV. This message appears and after that the setup closes:

1608: Unable to create InstallDriver instance

The same happened to me some time ago when trying to install the Firewall.



Welcome geraldwil to the forums. I did a google search of error 1608 and came up with many results. Hope this helps.

Thanks timcan for advice, but did all/tried all and still no installation.
Strange I have it only with these 2 Comodo programs.
I’ll keep trying and will let know the results here.



Error 1608 driver errors are caused by a mismatched set of Installshield installations on your PC. Macrovision don’t know exactly what causes it - they admit its a one in a hundred occurence. If you check the Macrovision web site and search for “error 1608” you should find a series of documents on this error. One of these documents gives very detailed instructions on how to manually remove the currently installed Installshield installations, so you can do a clean install.

I had exactly this problem when first installing the firewall and found that I had Installshield 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 (or parts thereof) on my system. Following Macrovisions instructions, I manually deleted ALL instances, downloaded version 9 and installed it and then I could install the firewall and the anti virus without a problem. I have since uninstalled other apps that used Installshield for installation/uninstallation without an issue.

If you do a search through my previous postings, I’ve done one that gave the explicit link for the document mentioned above.

Hope all this helps- its worth perservering - the firewall’s magic and the AV show enormous potential (best version1.X release ever!!).

Ewen :slight_smile:

Hi, this is the error I get (and posted on other post… I just see this, sorry about that), after installation, at the end, the installer says that cant modify a file, my windows (xp home + sp2). The file was a .dll, and was “protected”, and the installer told me to update the system.
Besides that, the antivirus installs, and appears to work… but 2 times already I saw that warning (I formatted in between).

Just took a screenshot:


We are not totally happy with the current installation modules we have. We are looking into it and hope to change it soon.


Thanks Melih for the information!

Don’t worry about this error(1931) and go ahead with installation. CAV will work fine. This bug should be fixed in next coming setup.

ok, thanks.