I can't install comodo

I have win7 installed on a laptop . After i instaled comodo with Firewall and antivirus checked and restart computer , when it loged up , win 7 block icons to appear on the screen ( remains in blue) and a noise it heard on the speacker . All i can do is to go in Save mod and restore to the previous state before install comodo…I tried this several times but the same situation repeted . What is wrong with my system? I tried istall comodo on a stationary computer and works well!!!

Hi tavictoreu,
Have you any other Anti-malware programs installed?

Also seeing you have had a failed install the unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products would be worth giving a run before attempting to install again.

i try to install cis and cav and i get error 21: the device is not ready what do i need to do to have it work and it stalls out at 3

I would download the COMODO Internet Security Premium installer file again from this location in case of a corrupted install file.
Then run the uninstaller that I posted above before executing the freshly downloaded install file.

Note: CAV is a component of CIS, do not try seperate installs.
Comodo Internet Security equals Anti-virus, Firewall and Defense+.
Use Windows Add/Remove programs wizard to add or remove components from CIS.

i have and it gave the same error

See if you have enabled the following settings and if disabling helps:
Block all unknown requests if the application is closed
Enable enhanced protection mode (Requires a system restart)
Enable adaptive mode under low system resources

When it doesn’t help can you show us a screenshot of the D+ logs to see what is going on around boot time. The logs can be found under Defense + → View Defense + Events.