i cant install anything

Hi to all in Comodo team.

I run CIS 4 in a XP SP2, Pentium 4 old machine.

I cant install anything, i tried to install Google Chrome and the result was:

Installation failed, error 0x80070002

i also tried to download and install other things, and NOPE not possible.

any help pls ;D

Can you try disabling the sandbox and see if this solves the problem?

Hopefully it’s just related to this.

ok i will try in a moment :a0

Yes is working now

Thanks ;D

I’m assuming you had something running in the sandbox. Did you?

Possibly an application was sandboxed and thus Chrome wasn’t able to access something it needed (or something). ???

Yes you are right, my browser was running inside the sandbox! :o

That would probably be the problem. Due to its limited condition it was unable to install.

ok thanks! :-TU