I can't get online.

I got comado a little while back and loved it but now I’m having problems. I can’t get on line anymore. I can only get online if I turn the firewall off. If I turn it off then I won’t block any thing. It didn’t used to do this but now it does. I didn’t block the internet explore or AT&T services. I don’t have a clue what’s wrong! PLEASE HELP ME SOON!!!

Well you do not provide much to go on but a few tips to try:

Make sure it is set to Custom and not Block. If it is on Block level, it will do just that, block everything. Did you scan your computer for known applications to allow comodo to recognize programs that need internet access? (Security tab > tasks > bottom right). Did you define a trusted network so Comodo knows that your network zone can allow traffic? (security tab > tasks > bottom left).

  • David

Thanks for trying to help. Sorry I didn’t give a lot of info but I don’t really Know a lot to tell. I can say that I have it on custom and it says that explore.exe is allowed.

Hi and welcome to the forum. Did you try a simple restart of the pc first? This sometimes helps. Also, did you deny an OLE attempt\something using IE to connect? If you did, this will stop the connection and still , require a restart.

You may also look in the application monitor for a block on svchost.exe, or in the activity logs to see if such an entry is showing up.

svchost.exe must be allowed to connect, in order for anything else to work. It is used to update the internet settings, IP address, etc.