I Can't Get Halo to Connect

I’m a gamer who plays Halo Custom Edition cracked, and I had installed Comodo Firewall Pro so I could block port 29910. Blocking that port meant that people could play on my dedicated servers. Anyway, after installing it, I had noticed that I cannot connect to anyone else’s servers, and no one can see or connect to mine. After an hour of frustration, I un-installed the firewall, and rebooted my computer. After that, I still cannot connect to any server or have people join or see mine. The weird thing is though, is that on my Halo:Combat Evolved for the PC, I can join any server, and have people join mine. I’ve gone through several uninstall, reinstall, reboot, etc. I have no other options and I’m extremely frustrated.

The crack didn’t really make a difference, I had a legal serial number, the same one I used for my Halo:Combat Evolved PC. I also did put back the real haloce.exe and still it did nothing. Is there some way to fix or undo it?

Well thats odd. Once CFP is uninstalled it should work. 1) check your router, 2) reinstall CFP then uninstall with uruninstaller.

When you go online it checks your serial number. Having a cracked game is illegal. See my sticky to make your games work. Your IP cant get banned for using an illegal serial number.


Yes but they should have banned it the first time. He said he has a legal serial though. And he says he can connect to games so they haven’t banned him.

I think I know what he did. You can get a no cd crack ( not warez ) from Megagamers.com. You first need the real exe for any game. Make sure the game is fully patched and the game plays and connects. Then you replace the no cd crack exe for your original exe so you don’t need to put a cd in the drive. I do this for most of my games. It is not illegal as long as you have the real game. But keep in mind you will need to real exe to patch the game or when you do patch it it will wipe out your crack. Most of the time you will need to the cd again after a patch comes out till a new no cd crack comes out to match the new patch. Usually a week or so. I had trouble with BF2142 awhile back and all I did was reinstall it and all was well.

Ah, but im not sure if he is talking about a no CD crack. If he is then we can handle it from there.