I cant get Comodo off my system...

i have uninstalled it and wiped all the files off ( not the registry) but it still shows as running !!

I tried re-installing then turning it all off but it still shows as running !!

Help !!!

Why do you want to uninstall the best firewall ever?

Regardless, if you really must leave, then do this:
Re-Download the installation file for CFP. Download ZSoft uninstaller at
Analyze before the installation. Now reinstall it. Go all the way to the end but do NOT restart. Just go to the task manager and kill the installation process. Analyze afterwards, then wait for it to compare and then uninstall it using that (Analyzed Programs - Right Click on Comodo Firewall - Uninstall.) Check all the checkboxes and check “Don’t ask me for every file.”

We hope to see you back soon.

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