I can't explain so 'am sending this pic...

Plz HELP ME!!!



Well, I’m not sure since I’ve had my Component Monitor on ‘Learning’, so never got that message. But I think, since you in the second windows, allow both components, the warning message disappear since you allowed them.


Well, I'm not sure since I've had my Component Monitor on 'Learning', so never got that message.

is it ok to keep component monitor on learning??
i mean…any security issues???

Well, I’d keep it on till I’ve run all programs that I use, else you’ll get 100s of warning messages about the components. But after you’ve run all programs that you usually use, I’d turn it ‘On’.
And I turned on ‘Component Monitor’ today, and updated Spybot S&D, and got kind of same message like you.
When I click ‘Show Libraries’ and then ‘Apply’ in the second window, the first one closes, which means there’s no need to allow it twice. And I don’t think it’ll impact your secuirty too much if you keep it in ‘Learning’, but like I said, have it in ‘Learning’ for some time, and then turn it on.


Thanx for ur help…
i’ll turn my component monitor back 2 learning…

thnx again…

No problem, if you need more help, just ask :wink:
If I lack the knowledge to answer your question, I’m sure someone else will be able to :slight_smile:


If you suspect your computer is clean of malware, then On mode is better from the security standpoint. Learning mode automatically allows all the related files, but is recommended for the first couple of weeks upon CFP installation so as to avoid the unnecessary alerts on safe files.

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Thank you soya for your help. (:CLP)