I can't be pinged over VPN with Comodo Firewall running [RESOLVED]

I just installed Easy VPN but I can’t be pinged when my Comodo firewall is running. If I take down the firewall the ping works. You would think that Comodo Easy-VNP would be INSTANTLY recognized by Comodo firewall and there wouldn’t be any problems.

I have set all 3 files that make EasyVPN work to TRUSTED ie EasyVPN.exe, Vpnservice.exe, crdphService.exe.

The only thing possibly wrong is shown in the screen capture below. The top image shows how my friend’s comodo firewall is configured while the bottom is mine. Notice that I don’t have the 4 green circle permission entries. I only have the 5 red. Do you guys and gals think this is the problem? How I can fix this? I tried manually entering the same settings that he has but I couldn’t get it to match exactly.


(click to enlarge image)

I figured it out and it may solve why people couldn’t ping me properly in EasyVPN. When the network was first detected I did not tick the box that reads something like “allow all computers on the network to access this network” (I can’t remember exact phrasing). Tick this box on the EasyVPN network and all the problems will go away.