I can't add personas

I can’t change the personas with Ice Dragon. After using the “Tools” options or
right-clicking or left-clicking on the ID “icon” on top left of browser either.

Help? Thank you, Mary

hey, i have the same problem.

Can’t add Personas either.
This link says you should be able to do so.

Any ideas when this will be fixed?

So do I. I also used the add-on feature for the personas but I can only see the difference in the color of the text in the space above the browser. I saw no way of adding different skins in spite of the tutorials I watched before downloading the software. I don’t even see an option for changing the skins. I’ve only been using this new browser less than 48 hours, but it’s not as user-friendly as Firefox, so I guess I’ll just uninstall this large MB program and stick with Pale Moon.