I cant access my local network

Yesterday I updated Comodo to the latest version by request from the old version.

Now I can’t access my local wireless network. With the old version Comodo just found the network and and then all the computers on it were able to access eachother. How do I do that now, do I have to do it manually. How do I know which IP-adresses that should be in the range?

Very thankful for any help.

Ps. My PS3 can’t communicate with the pc either. No problem before. Ds.

Go to each and run command ipconfig. That should tell you the address of each pc. Then add that address to Firewall/Advanced tab/Network Security Policy/My Network Zones Tab and add each IP at A New Address. Apply.OK

Thank you. I added the ip-adresses but I still can’t see the other pc’s in my network. Could there be another setting I should change. It worked perfectly with the old Comodo, that’s why I find it strange.

Did you do it on all the computers? They have to be able to see and access the main pc as weel as the main pc being able to see and access them. If you did all the computers are they all the same OS? Have you other security on them thatmight be conflicting? Have you the windows firewall on by mistake?

What I didn’t do was to add the new network zone in Stealth Ports Wizard. I did that and now it works perfectly.

Thanks for the assistance :slight_smile:

Glad to help you