I cannot use any screenshot extension

I’m running CD on sandboxie app.
-I got extensions such as
–HTTPS everywhere
–Site GeoIP
–Time Machine

Only way I can get screenshot extensions is running it outside of sandboxie which I certainly do not want to do. Maybe I should try doing this at comodo sandbox.


Why do you need an extension to take a screenshot?

I’d like to take a picture of whole website at times. That’s why I need a extension. Would be nice if it had been built in by simply clicking save page picture as for saved chosen area as.

That won’t work, sandboxie will restrict the access to the desktop.
You need to run a screencap utility outside sandboxie.

You can set up the desktop as a quick recovery location in Sandboxie. That way anything saved to the desktop will be eligible for quick recovery.

I think I already got a solution which is using firefox with a screenshot extension. I just right click and save page as to get the picture of the website.