I cannot turn off AV, FW neither BB


I have problem with CIS 6. I cannot turf off AV, FW either BB. When I click for example on AV and then on DISABLE the window with settings disappeared.

I use proactive settings by Chiron.

I am sorry for my English.

I added video to the attachment.

thank you.

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Same problem with my laptop (since upgraded to windows 8 ) no problem with my desktop (windows vista).
We should make a correct bug report no ?

From what you’re saying it does sound like a bug. I think it’s likely related to another bug report I’ve seen, but I think it’s definitely worth making a separate bug report for this.

Please use the format provided in this post.


I have your settings on laptop (CIS make this problems) and on desktop (Comodo FW + Avast) without this problems. Both PCs has Windows 8 64b. On the laptop I have the same problem with some applications (for example flashplayer.exe wants to go to internet). I can allow or block them. The pop up shows only circa 0.3 second and I cannot catch in click on this pop up.

I cannot report bug. Because my English is not very good.

Which format I have to use?

Format - blue answers.
Example - blue answers.
Format - black answers.
Example - black answers.
Format for simple help and gui text mistakes.

Format Blue Answers will work fine.

Ok, I will try it. Where I put the my report?


Have exactly the same problem on my Win 8 Pro x64 i cant turn off anything as soon as i try
a popup and sound appears for a second and than what ever i disabled is enabled again.

Regards Normi

Please post your system specifications, and any information you think may be relevant, to the bug report here. This may help the devs to discover, and fix, the bug.