I cannot post anything today

Do you have any situation? I cannot post anything today, it says that my post was posted less than 1 sec ago ?!?!?!

That’s an annoying forum bug. See if cleaning cache and cookies and restarting the browser helps. Otherwise try again later. Nothing more I can say to it… :-X

I cleaned the cache and cookies but it didnt help :-(((

Other than that all you can do is try again later. There’s no cure that we know of.

Hi, mahler

It would be helpful if you provide some info about your System Environment like: OS; platform, SP; the browser/etc. That may or may not be relevant in this particular case since that’s most likely server/forum Sofware related issue, but still… more info the developers have – better, because you are not the 1st one requesting help regarding this annoyance.

Are you using browser’s feature in order to clean cache & cookies?
If not and that is, say Ccleaner, then browsers sessions must be closed and comodo cookies should not be present in Options > “Cookies to Keep”

Actually that’s happening very rarely here, and in most cases 10-max15 seconds later (worse scenario) , you can post, but never like you said: ”…cannot post anything today…"
Sure, inability to post "today” would be rather frustrating experience.

That seems like a bug indeed with this forum Software, when calculating time-frame of sequential postings from certain location, as far as I understand, in order to fight mass-posted spam 88)


*** added *** I forgot …

Siberlynx is right. It is a forum software anomaly.