I cannot open a new tab.

All was fine until I loaded a “Google Bookmarks” app. After that, I am now unable to open any new tabs, Any suggestions??

Hi and welcome DrEsterhazy,
Is this an issue with an extension in Comodo Dragon?
If yes, I will move this to the correct location for you.
Thank you.

Yes, please, Captain.

Let me know when you are successful.

Thank you.

DrEsterhazy :slight_smile:

Hi DrEsterhazy,
Try with Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP referrer header) disabled.
Found under privacy in the advanced settings.
Configuring Advanced Settings
If the above fails it could be a compatibility issue between Dragon and the extension.

Does Dragon work correctly with the extension disabled?

Could you please post a link to the extension/application causing the issues?

Thank you.