I cannot navigate some web-sites


sorry for this silly thing but I am really stucked… I am definitely not an expert with computers.

I am new to Comodo Firewall I have just installed the version for Windows 2000 on my laptop.

When the ‘Computer Security Level’ is set to ‘Custom’ I cannot navigate some sites (actually they do not even open)… for example www.yahoo.com or even this Forum!

If I change the Computer Security Level to ‘Allow All’ I have no problem at all, everything is loading immediately. If I switch again to ‘Custom’ these sites gets frozen again.

No problem at all with other sites like www.google.com, they work when ‘Custom’ is set.

Can anyone please help me, with a very basic explanation like to a child, what to do? … I tried to find some information but I am getting lost…

Thanks a lot and apologies for this silly question…

Hi x8andpag

Welcome to the Comodo Forums

You may want to check out the tutorial here . It may help you set it up to work the way it should.