I cannot install Comodo Pro 3 [resolved]

I cannot install Comodo Pro 3. It has been installed 2x and cannot be found in Prog Files or registry? Right now it is scanning my system.(Could this be since I am installing inside Sandboxie?) How can It be totally hidden?

I had used your complete uninstall previously, some time ago.

Have not found another place to reach you for help. Please forward if this is not the the place. Thank you.

You cannot install something inside a Sandbox if you actaully want to use it. Do you know what Sandboxie is or what it does? I use it all the time. If your installing something under a Sandbox then it actaully is never getting installed nor is it getting written to the drive.

A sandbox is something that you use to test software in which has the possibility of harming your computer. Sandboxes of this nature means that anything you use is protected because it creates a virtual likeness of your computer including the registry which is a virtual clone.

Because of what Comodo is, installing it in a sandbox isn’t going to be productive to you unless you think it has some malware code inside the package. I suggest deleting the sandbox that contains the Comodo installation if nothing else is in that sandbox, and start the installer again on your actual harddrive because that is the only way its going to protect your computer at all.

Sandboxie isnt really just for testing software. Thats not its main purpose. Its a safe way to surf the internet cause nothing ever gets written to the drive and if you run into a virus just simply empty your sandbox and down the drain the virus goes.

Not to be rude or disrespectful, but Viruses are software to.

Without viruses many programs would be bugged and have weaknesses that would never get fixed. Many people don’t believe “things are possible” without seeing it in action. And the best way to demonstrate a software problem is using software that brings these weaknesses to the forefront; which many people call viruses. Other reasons (ie spyware) can be linked to making money in some means.

At any rate Comodo is only able to protect the sandbox not the computer which is leaving the computer at a great deal of risk. Even then it seems even then it can’t be installed a sandbox.

But yes, with software such as sandbox, it has many possible reasons to have it there, both legal and non.

Comodo firewall is safe. Its the best free firewall out there. Just install it. Comodo works with Sandboxie. My security set up is NOD32,Comodo and Sandboxie. Works just fine. I still am not sure of your problem. If you want to use software you cannot install them under a sandbox then expect them to work.

I surely figured it out before you got it. (I found my many Comodo exe files in there) Where is SB forum and how do I install Comodo if I am using FF sandboxed? Really silly of me. At least I got the proper person, you. :BNC


solved by Vette :■■■■
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