i cannot get inspect_m.cat file to upgrade and cannot find in program to move

computer: acer aspire AST180-ua 381b
operating system: windows xp pro x64
firewall: comodo (open source)
anti-virus: avast (open source)
ram (pairity): 5 gb ddr2

those r all the things i know about my computer off the top of my head that you may need will supply more if asked.

ok downloaded comodo free firewall many times now when i try to update the problem it stops at the inspect_m.cat which i see isn’t unusual. i went to find the file and manually move it and could not find it. i used diagnostic tool and diagnostic tool could not fix (attached the (7-zip) diagnostic report). i have tried reinstalling the program from comodo site (cnet redirect), and when that didn’t work i went down the google list 1 at a time.

1st time googled: free x64 firewall
after that i googled: free comodo firewall x64

first time, i downloaded the program i did it all default settings, nothing shut off (firewall, ect.)
i then uninstalled and reinstaled the program 3 or 4 times after 2nd reinstall i began deleting empty comodo file after uninstall
2nd change to reinstall: i turned of the sad excuse for a firewall provided by windows xp
3rd time, i turned off firewall and anti-virus
4th time, i went into administrator mode and turned off firewall and anti-virus
5th change was me going down the google list sequentially till i was directed to a new download sight for comodo.

p.s. sometime during that mess i had googled inspect_m.cat and started looking for directions to fix the problem manually. one of the solutions was to move the file in manually which is when i discovered i could not find the file in question. there is no inspect_m.cat file

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I’m not convinced that this is a bug. It’s possible that this is an installation issue which could be fixed. Therefore, to save you time I will move this to the HELP section of the forum.

However, if it does turn out to be a bug please send me a PM and I can move it back.

Also, please try reinstalling it by following the methods I suggest in this post and see if that helps.

Thank you.