I cannot get Boclean to update. [Resolved]

I cannot get Boclean to update, I have looked at the instructions and the only problem that is mentioned relates to limited accounts, which is not what I was using. I am using Comodo firewall and have given the necessary permissions for Boclean to go online but that has not helped. I can get neither auto nor manual updates, so at present have had to uninstall Boclean, which is a pity because it sounds like a very good program. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


Hi, did you try the forums search option ? There are several posts on update problems with helpful answers. You could start here :


Greetz, Red.

Thanks very much for your help Rednose , I still could not solve the problem after reading the threads but appear to have solved it now. I generally have active scripting off in IE when on the Net, I started doing that when Microsoft were slow in getting out a patch for an exploit. The advice from most sources was to disable active scripting unless really necessary to have it on, that is the policy I have since followed. I turned on active scripting and the Boclean update worked, the practice of having active scripting off has not previously affected any updates other than Windows updates.

Thanks again,