I cannot forward ports for BitTorrent Clients [Resolved]


Hello people. First of all, pretty good job with COMODO Firewall Pro v3. I like the way you have changed the GUI and the modularity of it.

Let’s get down to business. I have problems with port forwarding in order to get high speeds on BitTorrent Clients. I use uTorrent and I learned how to open ports for CFP v2, but Now I specify rules for the application, the running process and as a general rule and it seems like it’s not working.

How can I do it in CFP v3? Really… I’m pretty confused and frustrated.

Thanks in advance.

For those who are out there wondering about my post, let me say it was MY router configuration and not a failure in CFP v3. CFP v3 works just fine and the rules to be set are the same as for CFP v2


Thanks for posting the follow-up, pctroll. If the issue returns and you found it’s CFP’s issue in regards to this issue, PM an online mod to open this thread.