I can´t stop antivirus scanning


  1. I installed only the last version of comodo antivirus (CIS without firewall)…

  2. I can´t stop the antivirus scanning although i removed the schedulers.

  3. And i didn´t know which files of which partition is scanning now.

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Do you mean ‘‘total objects scanned’’ counter increases in Anti-virus statistict panel?
note that this counter includes all the files scans (on start-up memory scan, real-time scannig of the files windows or aother applications are addressing to).

Yes, i mean the anti-virus statistic counter. Look like my jpeg-file.

Over 1000 files for only real-time scanning in a short time?

And please look at the sentence " … next scheduled scan is due on … " looks like a started scheduled scan now.

On the other hands 1000 scaned files is too less for a short time. Maybe it was the real-time scanning really? But when i am using CIS (antivirus and firewall) i don´t recognize so situation.



Next scheduled scan is due on never means you do not have any scheduled scan in the list.

Yes because i had deleted the standard scheduled can. I mean i think that the antivirus scan was the first scheduled scanning after installation and before i deleted the standard schedule scan.

But another argument: In CIS (antivirus plus firewall) i don´t see the antivirus counter???


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Yes, Anti-virus statistics is shown only in anti-virus mode, that’s by design, but anyway in Internet Security mode virus defense panel shows you how many malwares are detected.