i can not update my Comodo Firewall + Antivirus 3.10.101801

why i can not update my Comodo Firewall + Antivirus 3.10.101801 and it update upto 30% and stop
what can i do?

When it has reached 30% the download part has usually finished, then depending on how large the Virus database update is or your computer moves slowly to 100%
This can take some time had not updated my partner’s computer for over a week this took more than 1/2 hour.
Usual updates are finished in 10/15 seconds.

thanks dennis
but i leave my pc for 24 hour for update and i download the latest version but it say my version is not up to date it is a not true
sorry me for my english

Sorry did not spot that in your first post there has been another update due to configurations being remove during update process.
Screenshot below.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I also have the same problem. any solution of this?

Yea had the same experience on:

On first try Got an error msg that no such port or something like that didn’t exist.


On Second try updater window open, zipped to 30% and stalled.

Closed updater window

On third try I first opened firefox just to prime the pump… then tried the update…it worked!

I dumped AVG because I suspect it as being spyware.

I have nothing to hide but I don’t like to be spied on. And if an application is connected to the net without you initiating it, IMO that is exactly what’s happening.

AVG’s avgnsx.exe program would just take over and hog 100% of my bandwidth while it communicated with (CIA? FBI? NSA?) I don’t know. But NO program should be hogging your bandwidth like that without your telling it to: And especially if you have no other internet related applications running.

So if Comodo begins to behave the same, it will join AVG in the bit bucket!