I can not send E-mail

before I used ZoneAlarm Firewall and I change it to COMODO Firewall . I use UltraSurf software
(it is anti-censorship software) . When UltraSurf is active and I want to send E-mail I
receive "Oops… a server error occurred and your email was not sent. (#103) " message in Gmail .
when I disable UltraSurf I can send mail . I effort to find COMODO firewall software that configure it
for UltraSurf software but I coud not find it .
please help me HOW can I configure COMODO that I can send mail when UltraSurf to be active ?

Thanks a lot

I don’t know anything about ultrasurf but you can try to switch the firewall to training mode, then send an email while ultrasurf is enabled. Ensure to switch back to previous mode after.

Hope this helps


Hi ,
Thank you very much , your reply was very useful . My problem solved by your solution :slight_smile:

Temporarily switching to Training Mode is useful method but should only be used when you know your system is free of malware. We don’t want the firewall to learn rules for malware while in Training mode.