I can not see many part of comodo 3 in comodo 4 for example my network

hi guys i am happy to use comodo but i have a problem now i used comdo firewall 3 i didnt have any problem i can see all of my network and go to stealth port wizard and define a new trust network(my brother pc)and when i didnt want it i went to advance network security policy and delet rule of system but now i upgrade comodo to version 4 but this version have not many part(example my network) even when i define a new trust network there is no any new rule in system rule what i must do to solve this problem?
excuse me for my low capacity of write english

there is noooooooooooooooooo any body to answer me!!! ???i hope that comodo solve this problem!

and i want to know dns gateway for comodo server

When using the Stealth Ports Wizard you should see two rules added to Global Rules and System. Run the Stealth Ports Wizard again and show screenshot of your Global Rules and the rule for System.

What OS are you and what version of CIS v4 are you using (look under More → About)? Is this a clean or an upgrade install?

HI HONEY thaaaaaaaaaaanx to your answer and attention my system is xp professional the version of comodo is 4.0.141842.828 with out update(there is no update for it) and in the end i upload 2 pic of my comodo that shows the 2new rule is in the global rule but there is no any change in system!(i have an other question tow : my global rules are ok?my means that u see 4 rules different of 2 new rule they are normal?or i can or must delete they

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Your Global Rules are perfectly fine and are like they should be.

Did you run the Stealth Ports Wizard like I asked (you didn’t explicitly mention it, hence my question)? Is this a clean install or un update install of .828?

its a clean install and i say that when i use stealth port the new rules just shows in global rules and there is not any new rule in system i set system as block

What OS are you using? This looks like a bug to me.

I use windows xp professional sp3 with latest updates i have a quation pleas answer to me my dns gateway is
preferred DNS server 156 154 70 22 and Alternate DNS server 156 154 71 22 (in past when i type a wrong address i saw comodo logo but now i dont see