I Can not Compile my app because CIS protect de EXE previous file.

I have problems to do my work.
I have CIS Premium 5.01xxxxxx and win7, and I can not compile my apps because the CIS protect the actual file.
Example : I have an apps name : xpto.exe and I run a C compiler to upgrade this app and the compiler
return an error “can not open file xpto.exe” . The file is protected by CIS and I can not exclude the file
from this protection. If i delete de exe, thain i can compile it again and no problems.But on the next compile i must to delete before the exe again.
I must uninstall the CIS and everything be ok.
What can I do??
this happens only with this antivirus suite…

thanks for any feedback…

Can you check if the file is not in Protected Files and Folders, Blocked Files? Also look in View Defense + Events and View Antivirus Events. When it shows up in one of the two logs can you post a screenshot of the logs?