I can not access the Internet Dial Up

I have a problem to do to get a dial-up here. Before installing this new version of comodo Tava functioning normally it connects without any problem. But after I installed this new version I can no longer make a dialup connection. He begins to make the connection and after the error saying that the remote host closed the connection ahead of schedule, but if I connect at my sister’s pc this error does not happen anymore. I uninstall the comodo here and once again function normally. :-\

SO: Win 7 professional x86;

I tried a 3rd clean install, but still the same problem I can not connect! The dial-up connection does not work, uninstall the CIS only coming back to work!

Well, who do not have the solution, but someone has CIS5.5 installer? I thank!

Try Filehippo: Download Comodo Internet Security 5.5.195786 for Windows - Filehippo.com .

EricJH, thank you!