i can no longer use cis at all

i can no longer use cis at all because i always failed to download the very big virus database(more than 100mb )after a clean installation since these few days,and the download speed here is very low at only 10kbyte/s .i can not understand why dosen’t comodo intergrate the virus database to the installer like kaspersky,then all the people like me even with very low speed connection to the comodo servers can use cis conveniently in future.

Comodo is working on reducing the virus database as we speak it’s just gonna take a while. Also they are working on the cloud AV now as well.

about one third of the internet users in china shared the same isp with me,if i can not use cis,so can’t they.

I agree and see your point. This problem was stressed many times before by other users. Comodo is working on it. Also check your PM :slight_smile:

Can you manually download the database from this page. If so then you can manually integrate them, and then I believe the incremental updates after that shouldn’t be a problem.

Please let me know if that works.


well,very little better,the speed is about 15kbyte/s with thunder downloader.it would still take a very long time to downlaod the database.

With slow internet you would better use CF without AV or with any other AV. Maybe Quihoo 360 - especially good for China - it was OK on my PC alongside even full CIS.

  • 1 Comodo is the best . they have to introduce virus database on the installer CD for the paid version small small things makes a big different every one is not in a developed country where internet is very fast :smiley: .AS my point virus database of CIS 130+ is good but only thing they have to implement on installer CD with the paid vision.

i agree.just a very small thing would make great difference.not everyone has high speed connection to the comodo server.but if comodo intergrate the virus database to the installer of cis(even without reducing the size of virus database),much more people can use cis conveniently in future.

yeah, when i had low internet i just could use CIS as i didn’t want to use it without updates which i couldn’t do at all