I bought Advanced Antivirus 8, can't upgrade.

I bought the mentioned program and i followed the emailed download link. This was a new pc build I had to install the software. During the installation I was never prompted to enter a key and after the install I clicked on the upgrade option hoping a key prompt would come. The upgrade button just sends me into a loop of “Buy Comodo.” With no key prompt anywhere.

I did two reinstalls with no prompts what so ever.

Can you please follow this guide?

• CIS Complete & CIS Pro & CAV Advanced Licence Activation User Manual •


As you may notice I have no such “Subscription Activate Now” option and I do not upgraded Comodo since I have never put in a key at any point.

Let’s contact with a GeekBuddy :-La

I wouldn’t mind but I keep getting asked for an invitation number or registration to geek buddy.

Did you use links to pro installer from above guide? You’re probably using the free version.
Alternatively, check under help(?) > about. (If I remember correctly. AFK right now.)

Ok that did it. I had to download the file from the guide. I did it wrong apparently by downloading the link supplied to me via the activation email.