I blocked Firefox uninstaller helper.exe using "Remember" and cannot unblock it

I am new to Comodo, just downloaded this morning, and because we rid some nasty spyware and I read that firefox.exe, may possibly be a worm of some sort, I wanted to rid the program and then reinstall it. However, when I tried to do that Comodo had a security warning saying it did not recognize firefox.exe or uninstall helper.exe so I blocked it several time due to panic. After I did that I read that those programs are legitimate and now I cannot for the life of me, despite having gone through all the various listings with Comodo, figure out how to unblock it. Not only that but now I cannot even uninstall Firefox.

I am pretty sure that we are spyware free now as Antivira, AVG (not run at the same time), Spybot Search and Destroy, SuperAntiSpyware, Ad Aware 2007, and a myriad of other scans both online and via other programs show that we have no malware, trojans, worms, etc. on our computer.

Any help, preferably in laymans ;D terms , would be greatly appreciated.


If it’s blocked from executing, go to Defense+AdvancedComputer Security Policy and find %windir%\explorer.exe. Double-click it and choose Access rights, and click Modify… next to Run an executable. Go to Blocked Applications and remove the entries for the Firefox-related executables.


Thanks Ragwig…I am there right now and did exactly as you wrote; when I clicked on “Blocked Applications” nothing at all is showing up. Perhaps I should just uninstall and then reinstall Comodo and start this whole process over again?

Go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy and look through the list of what you blocked. Also look under Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy.