I blocked Firefox by accident and can't undo it [Resolved]

I accidentally clicked deny when something from itunes came up about updating through firefox. Now everything in firefox is blocked. I deleted the application control rules for firefox thinking that it would just ask me again if I wanted to allow firefox to connect and then it would rewrite the rules. It didn’t though. I made a new one though and it still doesn’t work. These pictures should help, tell me if you need others. Thank, and sorry I suck with firewalls.

Try deleting the application control rules for firefox again, then in component monitoring and either sort by company and delete all from mozilla (or just hilite everything and delete) then click apply. I usually reboot after that (just incase). That should do it. Don’t worry if you see nothing in component monitor afterwards, they eventually reappear. I prefer deleting all in component monitoring incase somethings left after I uninstall an app. :slight_smile:

The reboot is one of the most important parts of it. I find that when deleting rules, CFP doesn’t seem to respond “on the fly” - internal memory needs to reset…


It worked, thanks guys

I will go ahead and mark this topic as resolved.