I blocked application request for grating access. How do I unblock it now?

I am novice and am trying to domesticate Comodo yet. So I ran a application that requested access, which I blocked and checked “remember”. How do I unblock this application now?

Firewall-Advanced-Network Security Policy-seek your application and modify/delete
Defense±Advanced-Computer Security Policy-seek your application and modify/delete

Burebista beat me… ;D

When it was a D+ alert go to Defense + → Advanced → Computer Security Policy and change it.

When it was a firewall alert go to Firewall → Advanced → Network Security Policy → Application Rules and change it.

The application was dllinjector.exe, which I cannot locate now in neither of two lists (both Firewall and Defense+). So what do I do now?

Btw, what the difference bw Firewall and Defense+ tabs?

Man I guess that you should take a look at Help. :wink:

About that exe if it’s blocked you should find it in those places. Did you take a look in My Pending Files (Defense±Common Tasks-My Pending Files)?

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So if I want, for instance, to set up a number of rules for utorrent.exe, what should I write in Defense+?