I believe GeekBuddy is Hacked!

Every time I connect to GB, it takes forever, and suddenly it’s Jacob! Always Jacob or George. That dont seem right. Then keeps DC’ing.

There’s no profile info near his name, and my product still says “not activated”, after bing paid for and activated once. When asked, "k=Jacob says “the profile info is coming in a future update.” Uh, OK.

Tonight CIS updated, and shut itself off before restarting. Tell me that didn’t leave a hole in the field.

What fooled me is the Dutch lang in the update report. Why Dutch?


[attachment deleted by admin]

That’s just one of the translation files everybody get’s those files, there is nothing to worry about that, and updates can happen as on the 20th the updates from 5.5 to version 5.8 have been released, for the GB issue I suggest you create a ticket at https://support.comodo.com.

“Comical” 88)

As said before, nothing to worry about…