I am unable to use "Check for Updates"!

I just downloaded the latest version of Comodo Firewall 3 yesterday, and just today got a notification that I need to install an Update. However, when I go to the Miscellaneous tab and click on “Check for Updates”, nothing happens, and I (sometimes) get an error notification that some kind of “.chm” file is missing!

I am using Vista on a single-user PC.

What do I do to fix this?

Thank you.

Same here on Vista Home Premium (right now on
No 3.0x version so far showed any response to the “Check for updates” under Miscellaneous

-DG (L)

Maybe if you will run diagnostics (GUI->Miscellaneous) that error will disappear. If you receive any errors at the time you run diagnostics, log in as administrator and try again.

Why do you need to update the latest version I might ask.

I suppose I found the answer :smiley:
Here’s what I did: Have Vista completely remove Comodo , switched into Admin account and re-installed

So now, as long as I’m in the Admin Account everything works like a charm.
CFP checks for Updates, I’m able to start the Scanner etc.

But as soon as I’m back in the regular user account, the old problems are back.

So I assume the bug lies in the way, how the GUI relates the calls to Vista.
Normaly Vista would pop up a request for the admin password and then execute the action.

But since that Request never pops up, Vista does exactly what it’s supposed to:
block any unauthorized action.
That’s where the devs have to look into, to solve the problem

Permanently running with Admin rights is not a solution.