I am trying to fix a wininit.exe event code 11 by uninstalling but to no avail.

Dear Comodo support,

i have been trying to get my computer to boot into regular windows for a while and through research on the windows forums ive found that comodo can be a potential cause of this event. (which is the firewall preventing windows7 from rating its own performance) I have tried removing my antivirus (Kaspersky) but i am still having the issue. When i try to uninstall CIS Firewall through control panel i recieve a message stating that the windows installer is not working properly, however this is the only program that the installer is not working for. please help as my computer is currently rendered useless and all signs point to this firewall that i did not install myself.

I appreciate your future help. i hope that any answers will come in an efficient manner.


Try these steps Most Effective Way to Reinstall/Update CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems

Hi tiredbasalisk, Your first move is download both the Comodo and Kaspersky removal tools. Just google them and find the appropriate ones. There is a newer removal tool for CIS but I’m unsure if it’s yet released. It was made by Comodo. The earlier ones were user made and ■■■■ effective. Either way get the tools reboot in safe mode and run them then reboot.