I am SO HAPPY with my Comodo Firewall ( and Kaspersky )

A weight has been lifed off my computers shoulders. I went from being a Zonealarm Security Suite User with NOD 32 Antivirus and now I am a Comodo Firewall Pro and Kaspersky user and I must say my computer is running better than ever. I am so happy at how much of a diffrence Zonealarm is from Comodo. Thank god I got that resource hog out of my computer along with that NOD 32 crap that kept not detecting viruses in my computer

Big thanks to the Comodo team. (:CLP)

(L) (S)

I guess you didnt read the threads or read Kaspersky’s web site. Kaspersky doesnt get along with alot of programs. If you have Comodo installed you cannot install Kaspersky. Honestly Avira Premium is alot better and you can get 6 month free also.


Kaspersky 8.0 (2009) is combatible with Comodo, Kaspersky 7 caused problems

I hardly ever hear about Avira but I always see Kaspersky. What makes Avira better?

What??? How can you hardly ever hear about Avira. Its only the number 1 av next to G Data. Look at AV Comparatives and other sites. Avira’s detection rate is alot better then KAV will ever be.

Wow after looking at that site I’m not sure if I should stick with Kaspersky or go with AntiVir I think I need to see more sites that compare AV’s first to make my final decision. :Beer

Right here in this forum.


Kaspersky is close. Antivir is known for alot of False Positives I read. I still got some more reading and researching to do but, Thanks. :BNC

No false for me but who really cares about them. Detection is what matters.

Hi BlueEyedFox

Yes indeed Comodo Firewall is compatible with both Kaspersky 7 and 8 antivirus. The only thing you have to do is to install kaspersky first and then Comodo firewall second, that’s all. Kaspersky does have excellent malware detection. Gdata 2008 uses two antivirus engines. Engine A (kaspersky v6) and engine B (Avast), the makers of Gdata themselves admit that Engine A (kaspersky) has better detection in the GUI itself as a recommended setting. Since Gdata is a resource guzzler it is recommended to use Engine A on access and engine B only on demand or both on demand.

With respect to Avira, its problem is false positive. However, its detection rate is quite excellent for a one engine antivirus. The bottom line is to choose a product that works for you. Nonetheless, if I have to give an advice since you like Comodo Firewall, is to wait until CAV3 is released either later this month or in July. I heard it will be pretty good.

Yes Comodo Firewall and Kaspersky are compatible. What happens is that if you first install Comodo or any other product that may “conflict” with kaspersky then kaspersky setup utility will alert the user that first must uninstall those products. It not an incompatibility issue. It is rather Kaspersky Labs way of marketing.

The same alerts do not appear if you first install kaspersky and then other security tools. As you well mentioned. At least in what concerns to kaspersky part.

I’m not 100% if it is still the case, but when I tested kaspersky I first had Comodo Firewall Pro v3.0 and as well as other security tools and kaspersky setup utility alerted me for the fact I should uninstall those products.

The thing is I do not support such policies. I believe that a user should be free to use any security tool they wish and security companies should respect that and provide no fake alerts that having X ou Y product will turn their system unstable if used together with Kaspersky antivirus, for example.

I know that it wouldn’t make a system unstable. But lets suppose that a person that barely knows about applications interaction buys Kaspersky antivirus and when gets ready to install it, the setup alerts that person that it should uninstall any security application it has running on the system. Wouldn’t that person freak out? Is this person obligated to know about how apps interact together before buying a product? No. Should this person study the field first? Yes. Is this person forced to know where and how to get this kind of info? No.

Bottom line, software developers and in this particulary case, should play fair. And if in fact there are compatibility issues when using X product together with Y product then it should be mentioned on the official web site of that specific product, where people go to see info on the product.

Of course you could say that they can test the application. But are they forced to be running X application at the moment they try Kaspersky? No, they are not.