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I was understanding that Comodo’s Time Machine would be compatible with defrag programs at some point in the future. With 2.8 you can’t defrag your hard drive because CTM disables defrag of windows I am using version 2.6 that still allowed defraging of the hard drive. My question is I just look at the fixes of 2.9 no mention of making it compatible with defrag programs again. Is there any plans at all in addressing this issue in CTM in any future version or should I plan on using 2.6 forever?

CTM is not “compatible” with defrag tools.
The read/write while defragmenting is redirected to the free space of the disk, where the snapshots are.
You’re not defragmenting the file, you’re just increasing the snapshot size.
You need to understand that the CTM is an advanced restore tool and not a backup one (which allows file defragmentation).

In the future? Well, will we have CTM in the future or it is already dead?

Yes but I find if I delete all unlocked timestamps after a defrag the space for CTM timestamps don’t fill up. And what do you mean is CTM a on going developing program or has Comodo decided to drop it as is?

Indeed, MJR1’s Way of doing defrag may be the Second best solution for CTM users who want to defrag (with CTM installed) Keeping the snapshots to the minimum, just 1 or 2 ( the baseline snapshot, and maybe just another snapshot right before defrag).

The best way is still uninstall/defrag/reinstall CTM though !

p.s. Also should reset the Baseline after defragging. This is Only a suggestion for those who really want to defrag with CTM installed. (you can’t do it with version 2.8 and 2.9beta, as third-party defrag is disabled with these versions)

I found you only need the baseline and one locked snapshot. Take a manual snapshot just before the defrag check the lock the new snapshot. After Defraging go back in and delete all the unlocked snapshots I’ve not notice any increase in storage space usage of snapshots by doing this. I’ve done this now over a year with version 2.6 without any problems with CTM or my computers. One last thing unlock any other snapshots except the one you made before the defrag then you tell CTM to delete all unlocked snapshots.

It does not reduce the defragmentation level… Forget it… All disk writes - with many or few snapshots - are redirected to the free space. The technologies are incompatible…

Internal CTM defragmentation (a.k.a. snapshot optimization) does not change the files/snapshots either. Just “free” up the space used by snapshots that could be released to Windows.
One thing is what you “see” in Windows, other, completely different, is what you’ll get when CTM driver is running.

After all, the fragmentation level with CTM is lower than Windows System Restore. Try.

But when you have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling new versions of CIS then fragmentation increases greatly. CIS doesn’t install very cleanly though the internal updater. It leaves temp files that wont delete behind even after reboot. And you tell me all this uninstalling and reinstalling of CTM in order to defrag doesn’t put stress on the hard drive. And a fragmented HD does slow thing down. And when I do this with version 2.6 the speed does come back so I think you must be missing something going on when I do what I explained. Because if there was no real defraging going on then the computers sluggishness would continue but it doesn’t.