i am not having the same results as posted here

i went to the new, and i have been infested with everything. mever had a problem with the old version 2. the scanner never finds anything. i use malwarebytes free, it cleans and all is good, again it happens, i use them both, nothing. then i use NORMAN MALWARE CLEANER, ALL IS GOOD AGAIN. if the scanner is suppose to eliminate problems it does not. re-run scan and its still there. then i have to use something else. if then not! go into the drive and find it and kill it myself. i am no advanced user nor expert, but this one falls short of the mark. i thought is was just my machine, but it does the VERY SAME THING on the other. i recommended it to a friend, he curse’s me out. HOW ITS STARTS YOU WONDER. LETS GET CAVE MAN OR REAL SIMPLE…first i get a malware ■■■■. i use comodo scanner, no find xcanner, use other scanner, FIND ■■■■. REMOVE ■■■■. . new ■■■■, neither scanner work, find new scanner and kill ■■■■. oooooooh lets not forget that with v.2. the report was sent to Comodo. this one NO> SAVE FILE, YES, SEND FILE NO. just wont do it. same on my desktop. but i got the fix!!! reformat the computer, 2 hours 48 minutes. restart, 21 minutes to install software. desktop not so long.

Hi Metrolife,
The scanner in CPF3 is not a fully fledge antivirus, yet. It’s simply a release of the on-demand scanner for the upcoming Comodo Antiviruspyware. Your antivirus should have detected and removed whatever it was that was detected on your computer. SuperAntispyware is good at removing any viruses that keep re-appearing on your system.

I’m moving this topic to the CPF V3 Help board.


Also, the scanner in CFP V3 does not have a real time component. It will only scan when it is told to.

You really should have a realtime AV scanner.

Regardless, you should have received alerts about the malware trying to run from the firewall. How did you respond to those alerts?

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. CFP V3 allows you to submit files manually. This is on the MISCELLANEOUS screen.